Editorial Style Guide and Grammar Checker

The Editist Style Guide Checker helps your team write effective content by highlighting text that doesn’t follow your editorial content standards and writing best practices.

Create better, more effective content

Convert more customers and improve your search engine rankings with professional, compelling content.

Write more efficiently and consistently

Streamline your content production process. Encode your style guide into rules and identify content issues as you write.

Improve content teams

Stay on-brand and quickly get new authors up-to-speed with your internal style guide.


Personalize your content

with your tailored style guide.

Choose which best-practice rules you want to follow, which formats to use, and how your team uses or avoids specific words, phrases and grammar rules.


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Grammar Checker Wordpress Plugin version 1.2.0

Grammar Checker 1.2.0: New features

Version 1.2.0 of the Editorial Style Guide and Grammar Checker WordPress plugin is out now, which includes the following updates: A new “Split Infinitives” check to detect phrases like “to quickly[…]

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Quantifying Trump’s Love of Adverbs and Exclamation Points

Donald Trump is a voracious tweeter, even though his tweets are frequently the ridicule of late-night TV show hosts. While the content of a tweet is often the target of[…]

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Editorial Style Guide Examples – A Useful List

If you’re creating a content style guide, it can be useful to research existing content standards. While some of these are meant for internal guidance rather than external or public[…]

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