The Style Guide Checker Wordpress Plugin

WordPress Grammar Checker Plugin 1.3.0: Basic Gutenberg Support

(above: the new Pop out mode to work-around Gutenberg switching to Block view in the right column when using the editor) We’ve just released version 1.3.0 of the Editist Style Guide and Grammer Checker plugin for WordPress. We’ve fixed a bug when clicking an issue in the right-column list: the content wouldn’t scroll to the…
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Grammar Checker Wordpress Plugin version 1.2.0

Grammar Checker 1.2.0: New features

Version 1.2.0 of the Editorial Style Guide and Grammar Checker WordPress plugin is out now, which includes the following updates: A new “Split Infinitives” check to detect phrases like “to quickly finish”, “to really pull”, or the infamous “to boldly go”. While split infinitives can sometimes lead to a clumsy sentence, they are not always considered…
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Quantifying Trump’s Love of Adverbs and Exclamation Points

Donald Trump is a voracious tweeter, even though his tweets are frequently the ridicule of late-night TV show hosts. While the content of a tweet is often the target of the disdain, the child-like impressions that accompany the recitals are made possible by the style and syntax of Trump’s writing. Without getting too political, his…
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Books stacked on a book shelf

Editorial Style Guide Examples – A Useful List

If you’re creating a content style guide, it can be useful to research existing content standards. While some of these are meant for internal guidance rather than external or public use, they are still useful to generate ideas about what to include in your style guide and how to structure the information. Government Style Guides…
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