The Style Guide Checker Wordpress Plugin

WordPress Plugin


Install the Style Guide Checker plugin like you would any other WordPress plugin:

  1. Log in to your WordPress installation
  2. Click “Plugins” in the left navigation bar
  3. Click “Add New” in the left navigation bar
  4. Click the “Upload Plugin” button near the top of the page
  5. Click the file upload button, then browse and select the plugin zip file from your local computer
  6. Click the “Install Now” button
  7. When the file has finished uploading, click the “Activate Plugin” button

The plugin is now installed. You will see a new “Style Guide” pencil icon in the left navigation bar to configure your style guide. A “Style Guide” box will display when you edit posts and pages, that shows how the current content adheres to your style guide.

Define Your Style Guide and Customize the Plugin Settings



Click the Style Guide menu option in the left navigation bar to define the rules of your style guide.

The settings are divided into three tabs. The first tab, “Your style guide”, is used to define your preferences or corporate content standards, such as words you should or shouldn’t use, date formats, use of the serial comma, etc. The second tab, “General writing rules”, contains a list of good writing best practices which you can decide to enable or not – most are enabled by default. The third tab, “Settings”, lets you customize how the plugin works, such as which WordPress user roles the style guide should appear for.

Click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of any Style Guide settings page to save all the changes you’ve made to the three tabs of settings.

Check Content Against Your Style Guide



When you edit a post or page, content that doesn’t adhere to the current style guide rules are highlighted in the editor. The highlights disappear when you type, so as to not distract you, and will re-appear shortly after you stop typing. The delay between when you stop typing and the highlights appearing can be customized in the plugin settings.

You’ll also see an Style Guide box to the right of the content editor. The box lists any style guide rules that need to be addressed in the current content, divided into sub-headings. Click a sub-heading to display a list of specific pieces of content that need to be addressed. Click any item in the list to highlight the related fragment of content in the content editor.

To write draft content without the distraction of the style guide highlights, uncheck the “Highlight issues when I stop typing” checkbox in the Style Guide box. When you’re ready to edit your content and display the style guide highlights, simply re-check the box.

To view the full list of style guide rules at any time, click the “Open the style guide” button. This will display all the configured rules that content should adhere to.

The Style Guide box in the right column can also be re-positioned. Click the arrow to the right of the Style Guide heading to collapse the box, then click the main heading and drag the box up or down to your preferred position. Click the arrow again to expand the box and display the style guide information.