WordPress Grammar Checker Plugin 1.3.0: Basic Gutenberg Support

The Style Guide Checker Wordpress Plugin

(above: the new Pop out mode to work-around Gutenberg switching to Block view in the right column when using the editor)

We’ve just released version 1.3.0 of the Editist Style Guide and Grammer Checker plugin for WordPress.

  • We’ve fixed a bug when clicking an issue in the right-column list: the content wouldn’t scroll to the issue if the editor was in “full-height” mode. It does now.
  • The most important change is preliminary support for the new Gutenberg editor, which will become the default editor in a future version of WordPress. The new editor isn’t particularly well-documented yet, and has limited support for the types of information we display in the right-column, so this initial support comes in the shape of a few compromises. The Style Guide box does appear in the right column and issues are highlighted in-line, but as soon as you click into the new editor, the right column changes to “block” mode. Unfortunately there’s no support yet for us to add the issues list into this “block” view, so it’s only available at the “document” view level. As such, we’ve added two optional workarounds so that you can continue to use the Editist plugin and see the results if you have the Gutenberg editor enabled:
    • In the Style Guide settings, you can check a box to disable the Gutenberg editor (and use the classic editor) whenever a post type is edited that uses the Editist Style Guide plugin. For example, if you check this box, then the Posts and Pages post types will fall-back to the classic editor because the Style Guide plugin is compatible with them – but if you edit a custom post type that doesn’t support the Editist plugin (perhaps a Contact or Event post type) then it will use the new Gutenberg editor.
    • Alternatively, and perhaps the better solution for most people: we’ve added a Pop out button into the Style Guide box, which changes the box into a floating box that you can re-position on-screen and re-size. This box stays on-screen when the Gutenberg right-column changes to Block mode, so you can always see the issues list.

We’re still investigating better support for the Gutenberg editor and there are still a few minor issues to resolve, but we wanted to get some basic support out to you as soon as possible.

(above: the new setting to disable Gutenberg editor on Editist-compatible post types)